How to use Pub Recruiter as a Creator

Last Modified: March 20, 2023


Pub Recruiter acts as a software that helps brands AND creators like you.  Whether you are a $10m+ Affiliate, or a $10 per month blogger, you can take use of the amazing features we have at Pub Recruiter to grow your business.

Marketplace and more!

The visual meeting ground we have in place is the marketplace.  You’ll see this instantly when you log into your dashboard.  From here you can save or favorite brands that you want to work with, reach out to the correct contact right way by clicking the “Request Partnership” button. 

While the marketplace shows you some terrific opportunities, it’s important to note that not all brands will reach back out to you in your interest.  But we make sure your outreach is noted. 


Whenever you request partnership, this will be logged within the “sent requests” area.  You can even add your own sent partnership requests that we made outside of Pub Recruiter so that you have a singular place to log your outreach. 

Saving/Favorite (a sneaky good feature)

While you may think that “hearting” your brands for later is something simple.  You can do this not only through the marketplace, but you can use our Chrome Extension to save Brands and it will be placed within your dashboard for when you are ready to reach out to your favorited brands!


Most creators that sign up to Pub Recruiter do not partake in the opportunities area.  Use this to your advantage!!  By adding your unique exposure opportunities like a Newsletter, Custom Blog Post, or even Social Media opportunities you can give Brands a way to spend money with you!

You can even add a Media Kit link (only 1 link allowed)

It’s simple, but complex!

We wanted a simple to use platform with as many features as your disposal.  Just keep in mind that Pub Recruiter is a software solution that is meant to be a place or a commonground to start new deals and partnerships. 

Find new brands using the marketplace or Chrome Extension

Reach out to them!

Log times you tried to reach out to a brand

Get recommended brands to work with based on our own experience

Use opportunities so that brands can potentially see what additional exposures are available within your site

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