What is Cashback?

Last Modified: March 14, 2023


If you've been interested in saving money, or finding ways to earn back money you've probably come across the incentive program: cashback

Cashback is a pretty simple concept:  spend a certain amount on a product or service and get a certain amount of what you spent, back into your account. 

Whether it's a cashback website like Rakuten, Mr Rebates, or TopCashback their goal is to promote a certain amount of money you get back after you’ve successfully purchased a product you were interested in.

The credit card space is also one of incredible competition to win your application and has multiple cashback credit cards.  Cards offering cashback are one surefire way to peak many people's interest.  We love the American Express Blue Card Preferred because you get 6% cashback on groceries (an everyday purchase). 

Other credit cards are offering cashback for streaming services and dining out.  Pick a card that works for you and get the maximum amount of cashback.

Affiliate Marketing and Cashback

Make no mistake, without Affiliate marketing, the cashback industry would be a lot smaller than what it is today.  Why?

Affiliate tracking, or those links you use when you click on something within Rakuten or TopCashback operates using this method and these businesses can then trace back who on their site made the purchase. 

The cashback website would make a commission and then give a portion of it back to the consumer. 

Here are some noteworthy business acquisitions within the cashback realm that you may want to see:

  1. Rakuten buys Ebates for a cool $1 Billion
  2. TopCashBack earns a pre-tax profit of $10 million in 2019
  3. French cashback site gets acquired for $123.5 million
  4. Capital One purchases Jewel for an undisclosed amount

The Cashback Monitor

Most people are unaware of a website where you can actually track and compare cashback rates amongst these large websites (Rakuten, Topcashback, etc).

CashbackMonitor is a website that helps users find the best cashback deals available for their online purchases. It aggregates information from various cashback websites and displays the rates offered by each one, allowing users to compare and choose the best option.


Cashback websites partner with online retailers to offer customers a percentage of their purchase amount back in the form of cashback. By using CashbackMonitor, users can easily find the highest cashback rates available for a particular retailer or category of products.

In addition to cashback rates, CashbackMonitor also provides information about the payout options and redemption requirements for each cashback website. This helps users make informed decisions about which website to use and how to maximize their cashback earnings.

As a consumer or as an Affiliate marketer, you can compare the rates in which you want to strategize your loyalty or cashback efforts!

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