Partnerships made easy

Whether you are a Content Creator, Influencer, Affiliate or a Brand, you can connect with the right partners in a simple yet powerful platform

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Partnerships made easy

How it works

Create an account

Affiliates and Brands have separate area to sign up to

Request a partnership

Found something you like? Simply request a partnership from the listing or extension. The ball is now in the hands of your potential partner!

Browse the marketplace

Affiliates can find brand partnerships, while brands can find applicable Affiliates to promote their products.

Track your partnerships

Keep track of your requests within your dashboard

Partnerships Are Waiting

Whether you are a creator of content, or you are a brand...thousands opportunities are waiting.

There’s a massive void in the partnership space.  Affiliate Managers don’t have much time to recruit new partnerships, and Creators (Affiliates) don’t know the difference between and Impact.  Act now and beat out your competition.

Feedback from Affiliate Managers

Industry pros agree, this is the solution that is needed!

  • If you need an extra push for recruitment, especially to help show progress to stakeholders...Pub Recruiter is king!

    Andres Gomez

    Andres Gomez

    Senior Affiliate Manager, Freedom Financial Network
  • Great tool for recruiting new publishers and influencers!

    Paul Diemer

    Paul Diemer

    Affiliate Manager,
  • As a publisher (affiliate), it's great to know there's an easier way to connect to brands without having to navigate multiple Affiliate Networks just to contact the right person.

    Joash Chavez

    Joash Chavez

    Partnerships Manager, Savings United GmbH

Affiliates and Brands Can Partner Faster!

No need to use a ton of online searches to find a partnership.  We’ve made it easy to find and message the right partners for you.

Pub Recruiter is great for:

  • Social Media Creators
  • Blogs
  • Affiliate Publishers
  • Brands
  • Affiliate Agencies
  • and much more...

Questions we get a lot

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pub Recruiter?

We make it easy for creators (Affiliates) and brands (merchants) to connect with one another using our amazing website and extension.

How can Pub Recruiter help me?

If you are looking for more opportunities that open up additional revenue, you can use our solutions to help. It's free for Affiliates/Creators and just $99 per month for Brands.