How to use Pub Recruiter (Brands)

Last Modified: January 30, 2024


Singular place to organize recruitment efforts

We recognize that the Affiliate channel has dozens of agencies and networks.  That’s why a singular solution like Pub Recruiter is such a helpful solution for your agency.  No more guesswork using decade old Affiliate contact data in the networks!  Simply hit the “Request Partnership” button and your potential partner will be notified that you are interested in working together!  You can also save the profile using the ❤️ icon on the top right corner.

Fill your placement budget seamlessly!

Knowing what you pay for is ideal but not always a given.  With our profiles, you know what each placement opportunity will cost before a days long approach to finding out.  (we even have the ability to show you media kits!


Outbound Insertion Order Organizer

Program managers can now take a sigh of relief as they do not have to worry about countless cloud services and cadence revolving around insertion order organization.  With our outbound tracker, you can track every partnership request down to the insertion order date

Are you an agency? Here's how you should be using our software.

Agencies can certainly use Pub Recruiter as an important piece of their day-to-day recruitment.  While it is not recommended you sign up representing your agency as a whole, you can sign up each brand you represent and keep track of recruitment this way.  

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