What are Bounty Tips?

Last Modified: January 30, 2024


At Pub Recruiter, we want to help you find new Affiliates.  So, whenever a brand partner of ours does not have the full capability to utilize data integration, we allow them to work with us on a manual basis.  

Recommendations are given to each brand partner should Pub Recruiter's own service, find applicable partners for them.  In this case, if we find Affiliate partners that could be of use, we would ask for a "tip" just to ensure we are rewarded.  This helps grow our platform and hopefully bring business to each brand partner who chooses this route.

Tip Chart

  1. Affiliate information like contact information; we recommend a $25 tip
  2. If the Affiliate ends up responding to your inquiry, whether it is an email based on the information we provided; we recommend a $40 tip
  3. If the Affiliate ends up producing sales revenue $5 or more; we recommend a $200 tip
  4. If the Affiliate ends up producing sales revenue of $10,000 or more, we recommend a $1000 tip

How do we come up with these numbers?

We know that Affiliates are important in driving new sales and revenue for your brand.  Think of Affiliates as a voice for a brand, similar to that of a salesperson that primarily acts on commission only.  Having as many chances as possible for increased sales is a unique opportunity that no other channel can provide like the Affiliate channel.  Affiliate partners can end up being a sales driver for not only months, but years!  Most Affiliates end up driving little performance, but to those who do offer a high value, we feel our tip system is fair to say the least.  

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